Welcome in our printingfactory, van de Borne b.v.

Our team

Van de Borne equals professionalism and enthusiasm. For 30 years we are based in Oisterwijk, situated in the south of the Netherlands, and we have satisfied clients in Holland, Belgium and Germany. Daily we print many miles of tapes and ribbons and thousands of labels and stickers. Everything according to your demand is taken care of, priced and delivered.


To make sure that your order is taken care of the best way, we offer you our own artworks, with film and plate-making. We have12 tape-presses and 4 label-presses. For your technical questions we are also your address.


Our minimum order capacities are; tapes-72 rolls, labels-1000 pieces, stickers-500, and ribbon-24 rolls. We also know exactly how to deal with your most urgent orders. Different sizes/ colours/ or other questions? Test us!

Emergency delivery

You desire speed, we will amaze you. These exeptions are for free. Acording to us, a good relationship is more important.

Our system

We will talk over your wishes, and from there we'll take over completely. We respect our business relationships by offering tapes exclusively to distributers, and maintain confidentiality about this without exception.


This is a continuous process. Because of our own workshop and "thinkers" we very rarely have to deny a new challenge. In the end, it's about satisfied clients. In this way, new specialities are born.

Our references

Packaging distributers in Europe know to find their way to us. And this isn't just like that! The unique selection of van de Borne as an official printer to 3M Worldwide is not a coincidence! Test us and find out why your colleagues desire the products of van de Borne.

Clearity and deeds

Please have a look to our internetsite. You'll find all possibilities in right order. Tapes, labels, ribbons, stickers and dtp: clear information and links.


Than we're inviting you now to pay us a visit. Together we plan an appointment and we're happy to explain to you and your colleagues why we enjoy our work that much. We'll let you see why van de Borne is trusted. You are more than welcome to contact us via our website or telephone.