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PP Acryl

Environmentally friendly, inexpensive tape, suitable for storage in cold areas. PP Acrylic tape has a low initial adhesive strength. The longer the tape is secured, the better it attaches. The tape can be used between -15º C and 40º C and therefore remains firmly attached during temperature fluctuations. The basis of this tape is a PP film with an environmentally friendly acrylic adhesive layer underneath. Printing can be done in 2 ways: On top of the PP film or “Under Surface” (between the PP film and the adhesive layer). The tape is “low noise” when unrolling, except at places where the print is. This makes this tape less suitable for diapositive prints. This restriction does not apply to Under Surface * printing. The tape has a limited shelf life. With Under Surface printing, the tape has a long shelf life. PP Acrylic tape is available in the standard colours of white, brown and transparent.

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We stock all standard sizes. We can manufacture different sizes and/or colours especially for you.


PP Acrylic tape can be printed in 1-5 PMS colours. Full colour and, if required, support colour printing are also possible, if you choose to go for Under Surface printing. We work with PMS colours. HKS and RAL colours will be converted to PMS colours giving a slight deviation from the original colour. The maximum repeat length of the print is 499 mm.

* Contact us for the minimum purchase with Under Surface printing.


In the datasheets at the bottom of this page, you can find the options for each product individually.


    Datasheet PPA 32µ
    Datasheet PPA 35µ
    Datasheet PPA Under Surface 28µ
    Datasheet PPA Under Surface 32µ
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